Should I bend to the subtleties of class, or take morse coded routings of valour around the snake?

I watched as he perceived me over time. Looking for placement in stature of self. Constantly looking to judge, hoping to come out on top.

Where would the pendulum fixate. Should I pronounce an intervention to sway my fate?

Born equal under prophecy of the political. Balance tipped by opportunity afforded souls intertwined by nationhood of the democratic farce.

I longed for the far off confederacy in distant past. The uniting cast. Scorned by legacy of Orwellian reporting subjecting idealistic hope to rigours of just cause.

To the German toad I must advance, to precise the source. For I will both lower and rise with the tide of my ability independent, to serve my brother and not his.

This work has been taken from “Beginnings: Selected Verse“, by Benbo Smith.